Group Excursions realize July 28, 2023

Group boat excursions in Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare, the pearl of the Adriatic, offers visitors breathtaking views, secret caves and crystal-clear waters that are unparalleled. With its rugged coastline and sheer cliffs, it is a little gem of Puglia and a true natural paradise.

And what better way to find out than with a group excursion with MAMMAMIA – Polignano Boat Experience?

Group excursions: how to see Polignano from the sea in 2 hours

Polignano is a popular tourist spot for travelers from all over the world, but for those who are not yet familiar with it, a group excursion is a perfect way to fully immerse yourself in its beauty. The deep blue sea and the sunlight reflecting off the water create a striking backdrop.

Polignano’s famous sea caves, including Grotta Palazzese and Grotta dell’Episcopio, are some of the most popular destinations for tourists and can only be reached by sea. These caves are a unique natural heritage, and during the boat excursion with MAMMAMIA, participants will have the opportunity to explore them up close, admiring their majesty and magic.

Shared boat excursions in Polignano a Mare

MAMMAMIA – Polignano Boat Experience specializes in organizing group boat trips in Polignano. With a large fleet of safe and comfortable boats, the company is committed to providing its guests with a unique and exciting experience.

Each excursion is led by experienced and knowledgeable skippers who know the area like the back of their hands and are able to share interesting anecdotes about Polignano’s history and curiosities.

What to expect during the hike

The group excursion to Polignano a Mare will be a memorable experience in many ways:

  1. Safe Exploration of Sea Caves: during the excursion, participants will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful sea caves in the area. It will be an opportunity to admire the extraordinary beauty of these natural formations, discover hidden nooks and crannies, and perhaps take unforgettable photos.

  2. A dip in the crystal-clear waters Blue Flag 2023: Polignano’s waters are known for their incredible transparency. During the excursion, the boat will stop at strategic points, allowing participants to dive into crystal clear waters and cool off during hot summer days.

  3. Breathtaking panoramas and views: the cliffs of Polignano offer breathtaking views, and the viewpoint from the sea is a unique experience. The 2-hour boat excursion will allow you to see the city from a completely different perspective, making the visit even more special.

  4. Relaxation and fun: The relaxed atmosphere of the boat and the company of other travelers will make the excursion a time of fun and sharing.

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